Pr. Stephen Goundry

Rev. Stephen Goundry is an ordained Minister living here in the United States. Leaving his home-land of England in October 2000, Stephen and his wife Pauline along with their three grown-up children based their lives and ministries in Boca Raton, Florida. Previous to his arrival, Stephen had been a missionary for many years in Russia, Romania and East Germany. Encountering the desperate needs in Eastern Europe caused him to form the U.K. charity, "Operation Joseph" - a ministry of humanitarian aid to the poor. An opportunity in the United States to continue this kind of work in South America and the Caribbean allowed Stephen to "carry the bones of Joseph" into the poor areas on this side of the world. As Founder and President of International Christian Institute, Stephen has been able to effectively combine the humanitarian outreach with the preaching of the Gospel. Believing firmly that the "Message" and the "Medicine" go together, he has spent his energies taking medicines and aid from the "Source to the Need" and promoting the Gospel by "Preparing those who will Go! "The other "edge" on Stephen's "sword" has been his public speaking, his mentoring of ministry candidates, and in recent days, his writing.

Pr. David Goundry

Rev. David Goundry is an ordained Minister, who having been born in England, moved to the United States, furthering the call of God upon his life to teach and ‘equip the saints.’ His abilities to teach and mentor have found a perfect fit in the ministry ethos of the International Christian Institute which is to “prepare those who will go.” David also works for the ministry of OneHope which is an outreach to the children of the world, bringing them the Gospel in ways that they can easily understand. He has traveled to many countries with the message of Jesus Christ to the children and youth of the world and he is a respected minister of the word of God at the home base. Here at ICI, David serves as an elder in the church and as secretary of the corporation. He is also an “ever-present” on all foreign medical missions that ICI undertakes. David and his wife Luiza serve the Lord in the musical ministry of the church, leading the congregation in praise and worship every week. They reside here in Boca Raton, Florida and they have two children, Sarah and Samuel.

Service Times:

Sunday Service: 5:00pm

Wednesday Prayer: 7:00pm