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We are a missions church. Birthed from missions for missions!



Brazil was the "beginning of days" for the vision of I.C.I. ministry. Having followed the Lord's leading to Goiania, the founding Ministers received a donation of land to establish a missionary training center for South America. I.C.I.'s representative, Rev. Eduardo Torsani, made great progress in promoting the idea of putting "North American training into the Latin soul.



In 2007 a ‘Macedonian call’ was made to us to come and visit Ecuador and perform a medical clinic in a needy area of Ecuador’s second city, Guayaquil. We found the area to be desperately poor and quite dangerous but having discovered some local army barracks, we were able with the soldier’s assistance, to perform our ministry among the people undisturbed. 


The door of opportunity to be a blessing to Honduras opened to us in 2008. Pastor Steve made an initial visit to the capital city Tegucigalpa, to make arrangements for the I.C.I. medical team to quickly follow. Soon after, the medical team flew into the country, albeit at the other end, because the main airport had been closed down due to a fatal aircraft landing a few months before. Traveling the difficult, mountainous roads, the team arrived in the capital and after preaching the word of God on the Sunday, they commenced their clinics in the retreat center, located in the surrounding hills.



Guatemala has become a special place for all of us here at I.C.I. We made some deep connections with the Guatemalan people when we were there recently. In particular, the link with Pastor Israel and his wife, Cecilia was precious to us all. They were wonderful hosts to our medical team. The opportunity to work in Guatemala came through a ministry called ‘Plant Today’ when Pastor Steve was asked to work in tandem with their vision for total renewal of a town through the Gospel. 



Panama is our latest addition to the countries that the Lord has opened up to us, allowing us to bring in our much needed medical ministry. Panama is a country of economic contrasts. Great wealth comes to the country through strategic investments in Panama City and the canal which brings billions of dollars into the country every year and yet outside of that ‘bubble’ live many poor folks who are in great need. 

Dominican Republic

The ministry of I.C.I. in the Dominican Republic has been accomplished through our associate ministry of Healthcare for Humanity. Seeing the abject poverty in isolated areas of the country, President Steve Goundry made two further visits to the island with medical teams. 

Panama City_edited.png

Return to Guatemala

On January 12th -15th 2018, ICI will be returning to Guatemala to hold Divine healing services. The church that will be receiving us is located in a small town called San Pedro Las Huertes, in the vicinity of Antigua. We will be conducting services over that weekend, believing that the Lord will perform many miracles amongst us just as He has in our previous missions to Panama and the Dominican Republic. 

Return to Panama

On August 4th, ICI will be returning to Panama to hold services in the same area where the medical team conducted their clinics back in 2013.Sensing the leading of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Steve and his team are now preparing to take words and prayers of healing to the Panamanian people.


Preparing those will go!

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